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日時 2015年10月17日(土)9:00~16:00/18日(日)9:00~12:00

内容 宇和島産バロックパールとイギリスのアンティーク陶器のアクセサリーの制作

場所 仙台市立上野山小学校(仙台市太白区上野山1-20-1)

   仙台市立西中田小学校 (仙台市太白区西中田7-7-1)

対象 小学校3~6年生、中学生 75名

講師 David Roux-fouillet, 岡村 暢一郎

協力 上野山小学校、山田中学校、西中田小学校、仙台市太白区中央市民センター

後援 仙台市教育委員会




ダビッド先生は、「OPEN EYES」を持つことで、こうした一般的に価値がないとされるものからも用や美を見出し、新しい物を生み出そうとする愛と情熱が、とても大切であるということをジュエリーづくりを通して教えてくれました。






by ダビッド


Baroque Pearl

Date: 9:00–16:00, Saturday, October 17, 2015 and 9:00–12:00, Sunday, October 18, 2015

Contents: Making accessories from Uwajima Baroque Pearl and English antique pottery

Venue: Kaminoyama elementary school 1-20-1, Kaminoyama, Taihaku-ku, Sendai, Miyagi

Nishinakada elementary school 7-7-1, Nishinakada, Taihaku-ku, Sendai, Miyagi

Target: Students from third grade to ninth grade 75 students

Instructors: David Roux-fouillet, Yoichiro Okamura

Partners: Kaminoyama elementary school, Yamada junior high school, Nishinakada elementary school, Taihaku Central Citizen Center in Sendai

Support: Sendai Board of Education

This activity is a workshop to make an accessory using baroque pearls from Uwajima in the Ehime Prefecture, which is internationally famous for pearl cultivation and also known as the "Date of the West" because of its special connection with Miyagi Prefecture. Baroque describes irregular, deformed pearls, and we used "oni baroque" pearls that are especially rough, even for baroque pearl standards.

Mr. Okamura, who is based in Kyoto and runs his jewelry brand MADAMA, gave a lecture about pearls. The technique for pearl cultivation was discovered in Japan. When a round nucleus is inserted into the body of a pearl oyster, a mother-of-pearl layer will form around the nucleus, eventually making a pearl. However, if we think of the oysters as humans, the nucleus would be roughly the size of a softball. Sometimes, an oyster struggles with the pain from the inserted nucleus, making the layer formation inconsistent. The resulting pearl is what is known as a baroque pearl. The children seem to have found it impressive that pearls a harvested from oysters and the unevenness of the pearls is the proof of how lively it was.

Another material for the workshop was antique pottery that Mr. David brought from the United Kingdom. He held up a tea cup and, surprisingly, broke it. Everyone could not help saying "what a waste!" Then Mr. David said to them, "You all know an egg, right? It’s white with beautiful round shape. But for making a delicious omelet, we have to break the beautiful shell." The story made them look at the fragments of the teacup again. Their eyes were no longer the same.

Through jewelry making, Mr. David had taught them it is very important to have love and passion to create something new from things that are generally seen as worthless, identifying usefulness and beauty in them with "open eyes."

"I think breaking is part of the making process,

all Is in transformation.

I think the important is the story of the object.

The creativity, the love and passion to make

a new object makes it precious."

by David Roux-fouillet

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